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Humanity stands at the doorstep of our most exciting time. Over the last decades, we have made significant progress. Now, with the fast pace of technology, our future is even brighter, our opportunities bigger than ever before.

The most power to change the world lies in global communities. People across the globe coming together to change the world. We are building a community of one million optimists, from all over the globe, with different backgrounds, knowledge, and cultures. In that community, the world’s most exciting ideas will be born. Moonshots.

To make the future come sooner are we going to choose the most important ideas, and try to make them happen. We will create a global moonshot factory and warp the curve of humanity's progress towards a better future.

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Mathias Sundin, Co-Founder & Executive Chairman, about Warp Institute.

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Space Mission

Warp Space Program

A community for space enthusiasts to find and fund space missions together. Our first project is Beyond Atlas, the first private mission to an asteroid.

Sign up at – and get your name in space.


Warp Speakers

Warp Institute has some of the best speakers about the future. If you understand why and how fast technology is progressing you will be able to stay ahead of the curve, see the opportunities, and avoid the mistakes.

Mathias Sundin, former Member of Parliament and former Deputy Mayor. Co-Founder and Executive Chairman of the Warp Institute. International keynote speaker on digitization, the Warp Effect, and the blockchain.

Key People

Advisory Board

Richard Maltsbarger, CEO and former COO and President International of Lowe's's.
Birgitta Ohlsson, former Minister for European Affairs, Sweden, and former Member of Parliament.
Karin Nilsdotter, CEO of Spaceport Sweden and future astronaut.
Tom Skalak, senior advisor to Clara Wu at Alibaba co-founder Joe Tsais Foundation. Former Founding Executive Director of the Paul Allen Frontiers Group.


We are grateful for the support from Gerdes IT. Mikkel Gerdes helps us pro bono with videos, websites, payment solutions and everything else we need for Beyond Atlas and Warp Space Program.


Warp Volunteers

It's thanks to volunteers that we are able to do all the things that make the future come sooner.

Read more about them and how you can join.